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St. John's Lutheran will follow all New York State and


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Reopening Plan


21-22 Covid19 policies and procedures

Below is a description of health policies and procedures St. John’s Lutheran will be implementing come September. These policies and procedures are subject to change based on state regulations and mandates. The Govorner has stated that state schools follow all state and DOH regulations and mandates. 

Arrival and Dismissal


  1. Upon arrival, cars will line up in front of the building. Families will be let in one at a time. Families who walk will be asked to line up 6 feet apart until they are called. Busses will come into the parking lot and students will be escorted one at a time. 

  2. Dismissal will be done from the classroom. Cars will line up in front of the building. Children will be called as a family arrives. A teacher will call down to the classroom. Parents are to remain in the car.

  3. Temperatures will be taken before entering the building.



  1. Classrooms will be arranged 3 feet apart. All. There will be no shared supplies. Students will have individual supply boxes. Kept in an individual cubby. 

  2. Students will have individual sanitizer, wipes and tissues.

  3. Students will have plastic garbage bags at their desks to be thrown out at the end of each day.



  1. Lunch will be in the gym at 6 feet apart over three periods.

  2. Students will bring a bagged lunch.

  3. Water fountains are off limits. Students may have labeled water bottles.




  1. The bathrooms will be sanitized throughout the day.

  2. We will limit the number of students using the bathroom at the same time the best we can.

  3. Masks will be worn in the bathroom.


Safety Drills


  1. Safety drills will be conducted as usual.


Protective Supplies


  1. Faculty and staff will be masked.

  2. Gloves will be available and used when necessary.

  3. Students will wear masks throughout the day. Mask breaks will be given.

  4. Please attach your child’s mask to a lanyard that can be worn around the neck.

  5. Masks must not contain logos or sayings of any kind. 

  6. Sanitizing stations will be placed around the school.

  7. Classrooms will be supplied with wipes and sanitizer.

  8. Custodial staff will thoroughly clean throughout the day and nightly. 




  1. Visitors will be by appointment only.  This includes parents. 

  2. They will be masked and will be asked to sanitize upon entering.


Special Education


  1. Students receiving special education services will continue to receive those services in school.

  2. Paraprofessionals will be in classrooms.

  3. All service providers will follow St. John’s policies and procedures. 

Preventative Measures

  1. Student’s temperatures will be checked upon arrival.

  2. Temperatures will be taken before a child enters after care or morning care.

  3. Teachers' temperatures will be checked before entering the building. 

  4. Our DOH nurse will train faculty and staff to recognize symptoms.

  5. Will will follow all CDC recommendations and New York State mandates.


Sick Children


  1. A room will be the designated area for sick students. 

  2. Parents will be required to pick up students in a timely manner. If COVID symptoms are present your child may need to obtain a negative test to return to school.

  3. All COVID cases will be reported to our local health agency (DOH).

  4. Once a positive case or exposure has been reported to DOH, they will determine next steps. Each situation may be different.

5. Families will be notified regarding these situations if they occur.

6. If your child has a fever, cough, trouble breathing, loss of smell, or loss of taste they will require a negative COVID test to return to school.

7. If your child has a non COVID related illness, please send a doctor's not to return to school.



  1. Students will sanitize before and after entering the gym or field.


Remote Learning- See new guidlines above- Approval is mandatory


  1. Any student remote learning must follow the remote learning policy listed above.

  2. Teachers must be approve remote learning.


After Care/ Morning Care


  1. Students will remain 3 feet apart and desks will be cleaned before they enter the room.


Faculty and Families


  1. Families and faculty will be kept informed of all policies and procedures via website, email and phone calls.


Please be aware this is subject to change. We will do everything we can to keep faculty and families healthy and safe.


We ask for cooperation, support and understanding and most importantly, direct communication.


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