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St. John's Lutheran 

Honors our Veterans



Veteran Mr Cole                                                                         Captain Olu Cole



       Veteran S Kumarasinghe             Veteran R McArthur    

                                                                                                    Seaman Robert McArthur




Veteran C Fischette

                                                     Naval Officers Craig and Carl Fischette


Major Radney Sham Malhotra

Army Doctor in charge of a MASH unit: Mobil Ambulatory Surgical Hospital.  1970 -1979 he served at Fort Dix, NJ; Fort Monmouth, NJ; Fort Devin, Massachusetts.  He Joined the Army because he loved his country and his job as a doctor. The Reserves let him do both.

- Angelina Pipitone


Thank you Veterans                 Veteran A Como

                                                                                                        Corporal Anthony Como



SJL Alumni Veterans Aber and Rivera                My cousin Michael Wong is a very special person to me. He belongs to the United States Air Force on reserve.

         The ranking that he has is a captain, which also means a flight commander. His job is very important because he has the authority to oversee a flight. His last service as a reserve was in Afghanistan. He doesn't have an exact date and time to serve but as a reserve he is always ready to go once called upon.

  He has been in the Air Force for over 20 years. The reason he made a decision to be in the Air Force was purposely to serve and help the country.

Being in the Air Force made him strong, loyal, good teamwork and always on time.


                                             -  Yuritzi Yu

Sergeants Daniel Aber & Angel Rivera

Chief Petty Officer Andruzzi

My grandfather, Michael Andruzzi was a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy from 1963-1994. He served in many places: Sandy Hook, NJ, Newport, Long Island, Little, Creek, VA, and he served for 2 months during the invasion of the Dominican Republic. His job was working with the SIMA (Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity) Department. He took courses at different schools for 13 years. While in the Navy, he learned to never doubt himself and don’t think you’re smarter than you are.


  - Emma Allan

USS Ranger Aircraft Carrier rev

My great uncle Raymond Stocker, served in the United States Navy from 1984 – 1987. He was stationed in San Diego, California and served on the USS Ranger in the Pacific Ocean.

He enjoyed his time in the Navy because of the many places he got to travel to and the strong bonds of friendships that he made. He decided to join the Navy because he wanted a career in serving his country.            - Kaelyn Salamone










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Reindeer Run sponsored by the New York

Roadrunners Club


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St. John's Lutheran Reindeer Run

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Thanksgiving Community Service

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Congratulations to our St. John's students for receiving the

Bronze Medal from the Mighty Milers Club

NY MM Bronze



" I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience you provided for our grandson at St. John's Lutheran. He couldn't wait to come to school each and every day. This is primarily because of two wonderful and dedicated, proffessional, patient and nurturing teachers. Each of them displayed a true love for the children. They took an interest in each one. Observing as a retired and experienced teacher I could see how they both truley enjoyed their jobs." ~Grandparent~

" St. John's has been a blessing for me. My school year was great, beyond words because I learned so much, met knew friends and had an amazing time. St. John's Lutheran has amazing teachers. I thank you for choosing the incredible teachers that taught me."

~ Junior High Student~

" Your love and support has meant the world to our family. My little girl has so much love for you because of how you make her feel...LOVED! Your classroom has provided her with a safe and loving environment so she can be the best she can be. We will be forever grateful for your part in raising our daughter. Your love and guidence has left an enduring mark on who she is. "

~Pre-K Parent~

"With tremendous gratitude and pride for my daughter's class this year and her accomplishments in enjoying her peers, teachers and daily life everyday in school."

~4th Grade Parent~

I am doing well! I'm currently working as a software engineer at Bloomberg LP and I am going to school out in California. "

~ Alumni~


 "I'm not sure if you get a lot of former students writing to you now-a-days, but I do want to say thank you for everything that you have done for me over the years. You are definitely one of the best teachers I've had and have shaped my high school AND consequently, college career!!”







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