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Remote Learning at

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Kinder Remote Learning Picture 2



    We thought as a whole it was pretty successful. I think when you had it broken up in two different sessions for multiple subjects it helped, but the fact that we had the video learning made the subject matter more engaging for sure and we were glad to have it.   We also would gladly do a zoom session just let us know when. - Kindergarten Parent





I think it went very well considering the challenges. You found a way to cater to her needs and was super helpful helping me navigate the madness. Thank you so so very much!!!

1st grade B1 picture remote learning


Remote learning was so much fun for our daughter. You made it easy for kids and parents. She had a wonderful experience with online learning. - 1st Grade Parent


 Remote learning was better than I had expected.  Ms. Morris, you made the transition easy and fairly painless.  The daily lessons kept the children on track and engaged.  I am grateful my son had you there to teach him during this strange and unfamiliar time!   I can tell you really cared about each child and that really made a difference in their academic success.  Thank you for taking the time to meet with him to go over his journal each day.  You are an awesome teacher!

1st grade picture A2 remote learning



Remote learning was very good for first graders. I believe it was because you took the time to teach the students even with an impossible situation. Having 2 zoom meetings to make sure the kids understood what they were learning. It was not just about doing the work, that's easy.. any parent can do that for their child. But understanding the concept and that was something that you made sure was possible. So I really appreciate your effort in making remote learning for the First graders great. Thank you.


 Thank you for all you have done this year. I know it was a heavy lift for all of you and we appreciate all of your support for both of our kids. --2nd/8th Grade Parent


Thank you for all you did for us. It wasn’t easy for you, I’m sure. But you made it seem that way and it really worked out!

Have a wonderful Summer. Hope we get to see you soon! - 4th Grade Parent


You’re amazing. I totally understand how full your hands are at home and you still manage to care for our kids and yours!!!


Thanks for making 4th grade so awesome! We are going to miss you! Have a great summer! -  Love a bunch of her students.

 Junior High

I so appreciate that all of the staff at St. John's Lutheran were put in a precarious position in having to revamp everything on such short notice and honestly, you all came out of the gate with guns blazing.  I also honestly think that you as the teachers did not need to put that type of pressure on yourselves and should have lent yourselves more grace. --6th Grade ParentMath lesson fun picture 1




I am writing to express my sincere thanks for all you did to make this crazy time into such a success. Thank you for the patience for our daughter, she really had a hard time with remote learning. But your dedication and help led her to this day. We appreciate all you have done!! God bless you and your family. Have a great Summer and enjoy!!! --6th Grade Parent


Math bearable picture 1


Thank you for all of your hard work, especially during this Remote Learning time.  I know how challenging it can be at times. --7th Grade Parent



Ms. Pipitone was excellent with remote learning. She made things fun, made sure everyone understood the lesson and she was always very responsive to emails and messages.  My son seemed to always know what and how to do his assignments after the math class meets.


Thank you so much for making the video. You did a beautiful job.  As for virtual math class, you did an amazing job as well.  I like how you met with the students every day as well as provided a video for the students to refer back to.  I know how much work and time goes into all of that.  Thank you for all of your hard work!  Enjoy your summer!



We felt that the calls and the assignments that were given really helped him to learn the material.  You are always willing to answer the questions and go over the material as is needed and even help after the call with questions on google classroom and gmail.  As always, thank you for all you do and for most importantly caring about our children really learning the material at the end of the day.  Sincerely -   7th grade parent


Mrs Pipitone - from what I saw I was happy with the math remote learning. Actually St. John’s did more face to face teaching than the public elementary schools. I think that’s what was really important to keep the kids accountable and engaged. - 8th grade Parent


I just wanted to thank all of you for the love and kindness you had for our daughter.  This was an amazing year for her (unfortunately cut short).  I am so happy we came here and she was able to experience and be part of this fantastic school!!   I know she will miss all of you.   --8th Grade Parent


I really just want to see how you are doing and thank you for keeping things running so smoothly. I am sure there is more than what meets the eye, but from our perspective, things seem to be going well.  All your hard work and leadership at SJL is deeply appreciated! - 8th Grade Parent






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" I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience you provided for our grandson at St. John's Lutheran. He couldn't wait to come to school each and every day. This is primarily because of two wonderful and dedicated, proffessional, patient and nurturing teachers. Each of them displayed a true love for the children. They took an interest in each one. Observing as a retired and experienced teacher I could see how they both truley enjoyed their jobs." ~Grandparent~

" St. John's has been a blessing for me. My school year was great, beyond words because I learned so much, met knew friends and had an amazing time. St. John's Lutheran has amazing teachers. I thank you for choosing the incredible teachers that taught me."

~ Junior High Student~

" Your love and support has meant the world to our family. My little girl has so much love for you because of how you make her feel...LOVED! Your classroom has provided her with a safe and loving environment so she can be the best she can be. We will be forever grateful for your part in raising our daughter. Your love and guidence has left an enduring mark on who she is. "

~Pre-K Parent~

"With tremendous gratitude and pride for my daughter's class this year and her accomplishments in enjoying her peers, teachers and daily life everyday in school."

~4th Grade Parent~

I am doing well! I'm currently working as a software engineer at Bloomberg LP and I am going to school out in California. "

~ Alumni~


 "I'm not sure if you get a lot of former students writing to you now-a-days, but I do want to say thank you for everything that you have done for me over the years. You are definitely one of the best teachers I've had and have shaped my high school AND consequently, college career!!”




To the Leeseberg Grant for supporting and expanding our wonderful school music program

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