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Greetings in the name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  Thank you for visiting our website. 


As the Pastor of St John’s Lutheran Church and School I am truly blessed to bring the knowledge and comfort of the Gospel to the families of our dual communities.  At St John’s we strive to create a loving and safe environment for our students.  We are a Gospel centered school founded on the Bible as the Word of God; and so the principles of love and compassion, wisdom and truth are at the forefront of everything we do.  We are also founded on the teachings of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther and the Lutheran Confessions that shape our understanding of the Holy Scriptures.  It is our mission to teach the fundamentals of the Christian faith and to prepare our students to carry that knowledge with them into the future.  


The faculty of St. John’s are a talented and dedicated group of educators committed to providing the best possible education to all our students.  It is a privilege for me to work with such wonderful and dedicated people as well as to play a part in the education of young minds.  The Lord has blessed us greatly at St John’s for the past 71 years and we pray that you may join us in those blessings.  The Peace of the Lord be with you.

In Christ,

Pastor Michael Bagnall

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website!!

As the Principal of St. John's, I want to introduce families to our unique and amazing school setting. Here, we understand and value all students' individual learning abilities. We have talented teachers that modify and tailor education to meet specific needs.

Our school is Christ centered, which allows us to use the Gospel to teach about love, forgiveness and compassion.  St. John's is a family oriented school that creates a partnership with families to ensure the success of every child. We look forward to meeting new families and welcome all to stop by and see for themselves.


Mrs. Kelly Speiser


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