"It is such an honor and privilege to work in a place that is like home. I'm so proud of the Christ centered education we provide and the way our students embrace it. We truly are a team with a common goal: the safety, happiness  and education of each child."


Mrs. Speiser, Principal



Mrs. Aber-  Assistant Principal /ELA-After having worked in public and Archdiocean schools, coming to St. John's Lutheran was a breath of fresh air. The small class size allows for personalized attention to my students. St. John's has an inclusive environment where we encourage our students to work hard and reach their full potential. The staff and faculty have become like family. We work well together and share a common focus of offering the best possible education to our students." 

Pastor Bagnall -           Religion


Mrs. Morgello-   Pre-K- "Being a teacher has made me understand that every child blooms at their own pace. My mission as an educator has been to have every student reach their full potential. St. John's Lutheran shares that philosophy, and together, all the staff strives to make that happen by communicating with one another and sharing ideas."

Mrs. Sokol-                  Pre-K

Ms. Karin-                 Pre-k        

Mrs. Dacayanan-        Kindergarten - I have worked at St. John's Lutheran since 2003 and I have experienced many memorable and enjoyable moments throughout the years. Working in this school has given me the opportunity to explore my creativity which helps to inspire my students to succeed."

Ms. Morris -   1st Grade - "I have been a part of St. John's for many years, first as a parent and now as a teacher. St. John's continues to be a great learning environment for all"

Mrs. Aversano-  2nd Grade- "The whole pupose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. We should use our minds like a sponge and absorb all that we can. Thus, with all the knowledge we gather in our years, this opens the windows for the future and we can have a better look on life" Sydney J. Harris

Ms. Gay-  3rd Grade- " The more you read the more you know. The more you know, the smarter you grow. The smarter you grow, the stronger your voice, when speaking your mind or making your choice." "It's been a privilege helping children discover their voices".

Mrs. Roschbach -   4th Grade- " I fell in love with this school while substitute teaching at St. John's. While attending college for my Masters in Education, I worked in a variety of different atmospheres. Although I am thankful for my experience that I gained during my studies, I knew that I had not found an environment that was an honest fit for me. By chance, I came across St. John's Lutheran School. Teachers know students of all ages by their names. Small class sizes allow for teachers to mold the curriculum towards the academic needs of the children. The staff works together to bridge the transition of students from grade to grade. The administration and colleagues help one another. Parents are major supporters in the classroom and around the school. For all of these reasons, I knew that I had found the place for me."

Mr. Dispenza -  5th -8th Social Studies- "This is my second year at St. John's Lutheran. I am very fortunate to work for St. John's because we are like one big happy family. All of our staff members are very supportive of one another. Our goal at St. John's is to prepare our students for the future by challenging them academically, instilling confidence, and building integrity."

Ms. Pipitone -             5th -8th  Math-


Mrs. Demontreux -    Religion/Computers

Mrs. Walsh -  Gym - "I enjoy seeing the enthusiasm and dedication of the students who are involved in the Mighty Milers program"

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