4th Grade Project



Longhouses 1DLonghouses 3C


Longhouses 2B


3rd Grade Studying



      3rd gr picture 4 Charles and Jayden A   3rd gr picture 3 Quinn B


 3rd grade picture 8  group of 3A



PreK  Play Time



         Morgello 2 kids C        Morgello one boy CMorgello 1 girl

                    Morgello Mia C



Kindergarten Smiles


 K  Yoda ears A     Zoey paste B     Jacob and Kylie paste B


Nick paste A       K Halloween B



Some 7th grade students at the concert


7th grade Concert A




                     8th Grade


      8th grade Christmas tree A         Darnell bulletin board B



          Mak art class B            Inaayat and Robert A

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